Other Products

Regional and delicious

Fumagalli has created a selection of the best traditional Italian culinary delicacies. Cured meats that are the backbone of our cuisine and that you can enjoy at different times and in different ways. And what do they all have in common? The quality of the meat and their original and precise preparation methods made up of rituals and patient waiting.


Nutritious, tender and bursting with flavour, these Fumagalli specialties take premium cuts of meat and prepare them using local recipes and techniques. The result is a range of products that is unique because it is characteristic; beef tongue, ‘galantina’ veal roll and classic roast turkey are just some of the products in this selection of unmistakable flavours that are just waiting to be discovered.


Top-quality ingredients are slowly and lovingly cooked then smoked using beech wood to make Fumagalli’s frankfurters, available in two delicious versions: Servelade, a traditional local specialty from Alto Adige, and Senza Pelle, which has no skin so is ready to enjoy.