Putting values first

Our Ethical Label is a way of life, our way of doing business.
The concept is part of Fumagalli’s DNA and the project was launched at Expo 2015. It is summed up in the logo which expresses the themes and values we believe in; it is a mission, an ongoing commitment to you, our consumers, for total transparency.

The Ethical Label shares news
and issues that are close to its heart


Fumagalli Industria Alimentari S.p.A. has collaborated by Milan Università degli studi

Fumagalli Industria Alimentari S.p.A. has collaborated to the study “Ethical pig farm” carried out by Milan Università degli studi- department of veterinary medicine. The study had the aim to promote the development of animal-friendly chains. The improvement of animal welfare in farms can be an opportunity for Lombardy pig farming, to improve the overall sector image and to increase the profitability by favoring the access to market segment particularly sensitive to ethical farming.