Putting values first

Our Ethical Label is a way of life, our way of doing business.
The concept is part of Fumagalli’s DNA and the project was launched at Expo 2015. It is summed up in the logo which expresses the themes and values we believe in; it is a mission, an ongoing commitment to you, our consumers, for total transparency.

The Ethical Label shares news
and issues that are close to its heart


Sustainable Meat

Growing interest in issues regarding healthy eating and sensible use of our planet’s resources have focused attention on the consumption of meat in general and, in particular, cured meats. The debate has rarely taken what producers have to say into consideration, so they have come together to launch the Sustainable Meat project to show just how committed they are to these issues, offering a different point of view that is endorsed by scientific and objective analysis. Excluding meat from our diet not only risks depriving our bodies of nutrients which we need throughout every stage of our lives but does not actually guarantee greater sustainability. Eating the right amount and a wide variety of foods is the only certainty we have if we want to follow a healthy, balanced diet, in which dietary proteins are an essential part, without damaging our health and that of our planet.