Pork Loin

Our continuous commitment to delivering unique flavours

Carefully selected meat, special preparation methods and the ongoing pursuit of excellence are the main ingredients of Fumagalli’s pork loin, a first-class traditional Italian cured meat. With a delicate flavour, soft texture and a limited amount of fat, Fumagalli Lonza is truly unique, whether enjoyed plain or cooked.

Sliced pork loin

This delicious, noble Fumagalli pork loin is pre-sliced and ready to enhance delicious cocktails and flavoursome dishes.

Smoked pork loin

Tender, pink, compact slices of pork loin seasoned with fresh herbs and oven cooked according to the traditional recipe make Fumagalli’s Smoked Lonza a real treat.

100% Italian pork loin

The pork loin from the Fumagalli supply chain is a superior product whose every stage in production is lovingly followed; from breeding to processing, curing and packing.

Organic pork loin

The delicious result of a virtuous supply chain whose objectives are animal welfare and constant quality control. That’s how you get Fumagalli organic pork loin.