Controlling and using drugs on breeding farms

Correct animal husbandry and biosecurity are top priorities at Fumagalli’s breeding farms. Pigs, just like any other animal, can fall ill. Today the regulations governing the use of drugs, including antibiotics, in the pig breeding industry are extremely restrictive. Only authorised drugs are allowed and those where we know how long it takes for the [...]

70% of Italians want home-grown food products when they go shopping

Consumers choose Italian products for their quality and safety and to support the national economy. Whether we are shopping for meat, fish, milk or cheese, or even fruit and vegetables, a survey by Nielsen in 2016 revealed that Italians know what exactly they want: seven out of ten prefer domestic products. The reasons are many [...]

The importance of taking measurements for food safety in industrial production

The importance of taking measurements for food safety in industrial production. La realizzazione di un buon prosciutto cotto non può prescindere dalla certezza di garantirne la qualità, nel rispetto di tutti i requisiti previsti dai più elevati standard di sicurezza alimentare. Ogni salume cotto viene realizzato secondo regole precise per quanto riguarda la tipologia di [...]

Some simple rules to protect the safety and quality of cured meats

Cooked or uncooked, whole or sliced: here are some considerations to make when discussing cured meat conservation. “Free water is the perfect environment for microorganisms to multiply, so the less free water there is, the longer the life of the product”. This is the first consideration made by Guglielmo Scandolara, Quality Manager at Fumagalli Salumi, [...]