Supply Chains

Pioneers of the supply chain

From as early as the ‘90s, Fumagalli has incorporated, managed and directly controlled all stages of its production process, namely breeding, slaughtering, meat processing and curing.

Being solely responsible for its supply chain, it can trace and track the progress of the raw materials it uses and constantly monitor them. It implements the highest possible animal welfare standards and pays due attention to environmental issues. It is the only system of its kind in Italy and one of very few in Europe.

Animal Welfare Supply Chain

Spaces larger than those required by eec regulations

Our pigs can run around and move freely in adequate spaces; sows have open farrowing crates and insemination takes place in large pens with freedom of movement.

Bedding in manipulable material

To encourage our pigs to behave as they would in nature, they are reared on straw bedding so they can root around, lowering their stress levels.

Antibiotics? Only when necessary

We work with the Zootechnical Institute of Brescia to monitor administration of antibiotics, using them only when strictly necessary.

No mutilation

Our animals live in a stress-free environment, thanks to the high standards of our supply chain so they do not need to suffer mutilation of teeth or tails.

Top quality, controlled diet

From the first months of their lives through to growth, Fumagalli pigs follow a natural, balanced diet which is rich in antioxidants, essential oils, Omega 3, Omega 6 and yeasts, as per Fumagalli specifications. As a result, our cured meats have low fat, cholesterol and saturated fatty acids.

100% traceability

From the land to the table, an accurate tracking system allows Fumagalli to follow every stage of the production process, so everyone involved knows exactly what has happened in the previous stages. The information recorded by our IT systems allows us to track the progress of every animal, feed or element.

Organic Supply Chain

A dream come true: a 100% controlled organic supply chain whose compliance is certified by the eu and kiwa agrifood. We are proud of what we have achieved because it means we can give you, our consumers, more – more respect, more transparency and more quality. That is fumagalli.

Completely controlled by fumagalli

Every single stage in the production process is constantly monitored and analysed in the field by our specialised staff.

No antibiotics

No antibiotics are used in our organic supply chain due to the good health of our pigs.

Locally sourced feed

Our pigs are given only vegetable-based feed, two-thirds of which is produced near our farms.

Animal welfare:
higher than eu organic standards

As well as complying with strict EU regulations for the production of organic cured meats, we take it a step further and apply all the animal welfare standards used in Fumagalli production.

The milestones in Fumagalli’s animal welfare journey

Year after year, in the name of animal welfare

  1. European Commission commendation

    The European Commission chooses Fumagalli as an example of Best Practice in its management of animal welfare on its farms and makes a video which it posts on its website.

  2. bio organic

    Creation of the organic supply chain

    Only the best in animal welfare:

    • il 75% of sows live on straw bedding
    • il 60% of inseminations occur in pens with freedom of movement
    • il 28% of farrowing crates are open
    • il 50% of pigs between 7 and 30 kg grow on straw bedding
    • il 20% of sows live on straw bedding
  3. good pig award

    Good Pig Award for our virtuous supply chain

    A new award recognising our animal welfare achievements:

    • il 70% of sows live on straw bedding
    • il 43% of inseminations occur in pens with freedom of movement
    • il 17% of farrowing crates are open
    • il 40% of pigs between 7 and 30 kg grow on straw bedding
    • il 9% of sows live on straw bedding
  4. good pig award

    Good Pig Commendation for the wellbeing of our sows

    A prestigious award received following a number of important projects:

    • first insemination trials in spaces offering freedom of movement
    • only open farrowing crates for sows when giving birth
    • reduction in animal density per cubicle (+20-30% extra space)
    • further 20% reduction in the use of antibiotics
  5. ciwf

    Adhesion to the standards endorsed by Compassion in World Farming (CIWF)

    Adhesion to the standards of the organisation that campaigns for the protection of farm animals:

    • no docking of tails
    • castration using anaesthesia
    • start of vaccination trials to eliminate surgical castration
    • application of a closed cycle disease-free protocol at the Cornarina (MI) breeding farm
  6. No docking of tails, open farrowing crates, reduction in antibiotics

    • Modernisation at the Nerviano site to enhance animal welfare and increase quality
    • Partnership set up with a zootechnical institute to monitor and restrict administration of antibiotics
    • First tests carried out with open farrowing crates
  7. Updating of breeding farm management

    Modernisation of working processes and introduction of new methodologies to safeguard the health of sows.

  8. lettiere in paglia

    Use of straw bedding

    In all growth and fattening areas.

  9. No filing down of teeth

    For all our pigs to ensure greater safety on the farms..