Pork Cheek and Lard

Intense flavours par excellence

Superior quality meat and careful curing are the essential ingredients to produce genuine, wholesome traditional Italian products like this pork cheek and lard; with their intense flavour, spices, aromatic herbs and soft pleasant texture, Fumagalli Guanciale and Lardo deliver a truly unique sensory experience.

100% Italian pork cheek

Salt, black pepper and aromatic herbs are mixed with carefully selected raw materials to give a truly delicious, soft but compact product; Fumagalli pork cheek can be enjoyed as sliced meat or used to prepare sauces and main courses.

100% Italian lard

Every stage in the pork meat supply chain is carefully monitored to produce this exceptional product: from breeding to selecting the best parts of the meat and fat, to processing and packing in the practical size. Fumagalli Lardo, with its rich, lingering taste, is the result of a virtuous production process.