Fresh Specialties

A range of delicious traditional specialties

A wide choice of unmistakable fragrances, unique flavours and characteristic aromas. Sausages, salamella, cotechino, zampone and liver mortadella – Fumagalli’s superior products are the result of a virtuous approach which monitors each stage of the production process.

Groppino sausage

The unmistakable, genuine taste of one of the oldest cured meats known to man. Fumagalli’s Groppino sausage is made from only the best ingredients. It is seasoned and then stuffed into a special natural casing called groppino according to the traditional recipe.

Verzata sausage

This small, spicy, fine grain sausage by Fumagalli called Salsiccia Verzata is a fine example of a Lombardy speciality, the perfect accompaniment to savoy cabbage or spinach and a staple ingredient of cassoeula, a typical Lombard dish.

Tied salamella

Traditionally from the town of Mantua, this delicious fresh product has a bright red colour, medium/fine grain and just the right amount of spices. Fumagalli’s tied Salamella is best enjoyed cooked, 1-5 days after it has been produced.

Fresh cotechino

Prime pork meat, subtle seasoning and careful curing give Fumagalli’s Cotechino the typical fragrance and flavour of a fine cooked meat, an Italian classic.

Uncooked zampone

A delicious mixture of lean meat, rind, fat, salt and spices is expertly stuffed using traditional techniques. Fumagalli’s uncooked Zampone is well-balanced and is a good source of important proteins.

Uncooked salami

This rustic uncooked salami has an intense flavour and strong fragrances. Prepared according to a traditional recipe, the tendons, rind, cuts of premium lean meat and throat fat give the product its characteristic texture after cooking.

Uncooked liver mortadella

Pork liver is added to prime minced pork cheek and bacon to give this uncooked liver mortadella its dark red colour and characteristic taste. Seasoned and stuffed into a natural casing, it is then expertly tied, giving it its typical rose shape.