An irresistible sensory experience

Whether it is called Gloria or Bologna, you won’t be able to say ‘no’ to Fumagalli mortadella with its lovely taste and irresistible fragrance. Fumagalli produces many types of mortadella – from the controlled supply chain, the Bio range and three IGP versions – and they are all light, easy to digest and perfectly spiced.

Sliced mortadella

For a quick tasty snack or to enjoy the goodness and fragrance of Fumagalli mortadella wherever you go, this practical product will make sandwiches and meals truly irresistible.

Mortadella Bologna IGP Gloria

Made from top-quality ingredients, Mortadella Gloria IGP is a cooked meat with an intense, slightly spicy fragrance. It has a full, well-balanced flavour thanks to the small pieces of fat which give it a pleasant sweet taste.

Mortadella Bologna IGP Matilde

Available with or without pistachios, Fumagalli’s Mortadella Matilde IGP has an intense, slightly spicy fragrance. It is made from only premium cuts of pork meat and it has a typical subtle flavour.  Its quality is guaranteed by production regulations.

Mortadella Bologna IGP

Mortadella Bologna IGP is pink and has a full, well-balanced flavour thanks to the small pieces of fat. When it is cut, the surface is velvety and has a uniform bright pink colour.

Mortadella Lariana

All the goodness of a local traditional cured meat prepared with top-quality ingredients and a production process which is controlled and guaranteed every step of the way. Fumagalli’s Lariana Mortadella is light and very easy to digest, it has a delicate taste and an unmistakable fragrance.

Organic mortadella

Directly from Fumagalli’s own organic supply chain, this mortadella is special because it is free from allergens, gluten and lactose. Made from pork meat from pigs raised without antibiotics, it is soft, smooth and delicate, the delicious result of animal welfare.