Our cured meats are delicious because they come from a long family tradition

Our company is driven by passion, tradition and innovation – values that have been our guarantee of quality for generations

Ever since we opened our first deli meat shop in Meda (MB) at the beginning of the last century, we have been proud to be Italian, proud of our heritage and proud of our transparency, transferring the values we believe in to our products. Along the whole chain.
So much has changed since then. Production systems, eating habits, even consumers. One thing, however, has not changed – and never will. The way we do things.


We believe that the only way to provide consumers with the cured meats they deserve is to invest continuously in animal welfare and new technologies which we then apply to our directly owned supply chains, ensuring transparent and responsible production. This commitment is continuous both inside and outside the Group.

Putting our expertise into practice…


Genetic selection,
reproduction and growth



Slaughtering and
transformation of meat

Curing and packing



Processing and
curing of Parma ham



Our certifications


Some products are excluded from the scope of the IFS FOOD assessment and details relating to the exclusion can be provided on request

This standard is a GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) recognised standard for auditing food manufacturers like Fumagalli. It focuses on food safety and the quality of processes and products. It concerns the food processes of companies that pack loose foods.

A highly respected body which certifies and controls products in the organic, eco-compatible and eco-sustainable sectors. The products in the Fumagalli Bio range meet all certification requirements to ensure the very highest safety and quality standards.

For products sold in the United Kingdom, animal welfare is guaranteed throughout the whole production process. This important certification includes breeding centres, fodder suppliers, butchers, cutting plants and production areas.

A voluntary instrument developed by the European Community which we joined to assess and improve our environmental performance and provide the pubic and other interested parties with information on correct environmental management.
Environmental statement

Code of ethics and organisational model

Fumagalli Salumi has always believed in the value and importance of its workers. They make such a crucial contribution to its business, which has become an example for everyone. We all have the right to a safe and happy working environment and this is a top priority for our Group. To achieve this, and in compliance with the law, we have adopted an Organisational Model and Code of Ethics for all our in-house and external staff. Securing this right for everyone is something we are extremely proud of.

Fumagalli cured meats.
Loved throughout the world.

From Europe to the US, Russia to the Far East, everyone loves Fumagalli cured meats because they are synonymous with goodness and safety. Genuine quality knows no boundaries.