Supply Chain

Fumagalli collaborates with the University of Milan

The market is changing and farms must evolve to keep pace with its demands. Fumagalli Industria Alimentari S.p.A. has collaborated to the study “The Ethical pig farm” carried out by Milan Università degli studi- department of veterinary medicine. The study had the aim to promote the development of animal-friendly chains through the adoption of a [...]

Animal welfare and high breeding standards

Fumagalli and the Good Pig Award. This year Fumagalli Industria Alimentari SpA was the only company in Italy to receive a “Good Pig Commendation” for improving the welfare of its sows in its supply chain, abolishing farrowing and gestation crates which cause animals great suffering and deprivation, and giving sows straw and other materials to [...]

The importance of controlling feed in the livestock sector

Strict regulations guarantee the quality and composition of pig fodder. On Fumagalli farms, animal feed is tightly controlled and the feeding guide is binding as regards both its composition and characteristics. The food plan, composed exclusively of plant nutrients, is drawn up by specialised technicians who create a balanced diet according to the needs of [...]

The type of supply chain conditions the quality of the work on the farm

Enhanced environmental impact, product safety and quality of our employees’ work: these are just some of the benefits of an animal welfare supply chain. Creating and managing a new kind of production chain that focuses on animal welfare offers a long list of benefits, not only from an ethical point of view for the animals [...]

Film by the European Commission about Fumagalli breeding centres

The Fumagalli supply chain has achieved great results and received many awards and this is thanks to its daily commitment and its pursuit of innovation and top-quality standards at its breeding centres. This leadership role in the Italian pig breeding sector has been endorsed by the European Commission, which has made a video featuring a [...]