Sustainability by Fumagalli.

Our commitment, bred for the future.

Respect for the environment and effective management of the problems that production processes create for the ecosystem are the guiding principles that inspire Fumagalli Salumi’s good practices for sustainable development.

The global context demands this of us, and we intend to go beyond the concept of ‘Green Strategy’. As producers and breeders for more than 100 years, pioneers of supply chain systems and Animal Welfare, we meet this challenge with passion, guided by an indispensable value:


“We believe that a more sustainable future necessarily depends on a practical, multidisciplinary commitment.”

The 4 pillars that make up our sustainable development

Production responsibility

• Animal Welfare
• Controlled supply chain and organic supply chain
• ISO Certification
• Remote herd monitoring

Designing pig farms with a sophisticated, modern vision, increasingly optimising animal welfare practices, where technology does not overpower but, rather, complements human work; an award-winning and recognised system that has become a true yardstick in Europe.

Environmental responsibility

• Ecological packaging
• Cogeneration plant
• Analysis of emissions and waste
• Impact on biodiversity
• Langhirano EMAS-certified

Climate change, the legislative framework and the future of people are our guiding lights. From packaging with less plastic and wood (responsibly managed) to projects to reduce waste and emissions and to make waste collection more efficient, according to the circular economy system.

Social responsibility

• Companies in agistment
• Rewards for objectives and training plans for employees
• Good relations with local communities

Support for the agisters who use the Fumagalli production model is combined with holistic support for our valuable workforce. We engage in a constant and fruitful dialogue with local firms, establishing practical relationships of collaboration and solidarity.

Economic responsibility

• Creation and redistribution of value with internal and external analyses
• Supporting farms in the process of innovation in animal welfare

Since 2013, our Sustainability Report has been available to the public, testifying to the company’s progress made year by year. Our relationship with stakeholders in carrying out activities is critical, just as it is for employees and suppliers, enabling an objective evaluation of investments that contribute to Fumagalli’s sustainable progress.

The 2021-2023 strategic plan for sustainability

A structured path to accelerate the sustainable development of Fumagalli Salumi. A three-year plan consisting of targeted actions, in line with the 2030 agenda drawn up by the United Nations. Initiatives relating to production, social, environmental and economic responsibility that we will present to you in detail over the coming months.