Quality to be proud of

Genuine, soft and delicious. Bacon has a long history but Fumagalli’s Pancetta also meets today’s consumer demands thanks to its virtuous and technologically advanced supply chain that produces top-quality traditional Italian cured meats. Try the different versions of this superior product made from 100% Italian meat, a real treat for the palate.

Sliced bacon

These perfectly sized packs really make the difference in your daily meals, celebrations or special occasions. Fumagalli sliced bacon can be used in hundreds of different dishes.

Cooked bacon

Tradition and innovation meet to produce this unique bacon with its soft texture. The delicate, flavoursome taste and the subtle smoked fragrance make Fumagalli cooked bacon just irresistible.

Stretched bacon

Soft, irresistible slices with their bright red and pink white layers typical of this product. Fumagalli Pancette Tese are a unique concentrate of flavours and fragrances and can also be enjoyed smoked or with pepper.

Rolled bacon

This deliciously sweet bacon, rolled into its typical cylindrical shape, undergoes a long curing process to give it its delicate flavour and spicy fragrance. Fumagalli rolled bacons can be enjoyed raw, cut into thin compact slices and served on a cured meat platter accompanied by breads.

Organic bacon

Fumagalli’s organic bacon is made exclusively from pork meat from Italian breeding farms and is free from gluten and lactose. Its first-class production method gives it a delicate, mouth-watering taste, making it perfect for preparing sauces and tasty dishes.