Dry-cured Ham

Slices of Italian excellence

Eating a slice of Fumagalli dry-cured ham is a bit like taking a trip back in time, to the Italy of the past when traditions were handed down from generation to generation.
From Parma ham to San Daniele, without forgetting the Bio and 100% Italian ranges, Fumagalli prepares and cures its Prosciutto Crudo using traditional methods, making it a treat for the plate… and the palate.

Sliced dry-cured ham

Top quality dry-cured ham from the Fumagalli supply chain is sliced and arranged in special trays so you can enjoy it wherever you are.

DOP Parma
dry-cured ham

All the sweetness and flavour of the most famous dry-cured Italian ham, cured in Langhirano from Fumagalli legs under the direct supervision of the Prosciutto di Parma Consortium.

DOP San Daniele
dry-cured ham

The typical curing, the intense fragrance, the amount of fat in the muscle and the distinctive aftertaste all tell you it is a San Daniele, one of the most famous and popular dry-cured hams.

100% Italian
dry-cured ham

Fumagalli’s dry-cured ham comes from a strictly Italian supply chain, in accordance with production standards which are stricter than those required by the EU.

dry-cured ham

A delicious, superior quality dry-cured ham that proudly carries the EU’s organic logo. Fumagalli’s organic Prosciutto Crudo will not disappoint and is 100% safety.

Culatta di San Lorenzo

An Italian excellence, this cured meat is typically produced in the Parma area and is packed with flavour and lovingly cured.

dry-cured ham

A selection of dry-cured ham that can be enjoyed on any occasion, with Fumagalli’s signature quality.