Cooked Specialties

A selection of exquisite flavours

Typical products expertly processed, right up to the delicate cooking stage which gives them their characteristic fragrance and softness. Prepared using original Fumagalli recipes, these top-quality cured meats have a full, well-balanced flavour and are perfect to enjoy at cocktail time or as a tasty second course.

Sliced cooked cured meats

Fumagalli’s cooked cured meats have a distinctive, traditional flavour and are sliced to make them even easier to use. A real winner, they are practical to serve and taste.

Cooked salami

Meat, salt and spices, including garlic, are mixed to create this traditional cooked salami from Lombardy. It can be enjoyed in thin slices or thicker pieces thanks to the practical tray it comes in.


Prime cuts of pork meat, salt and spices are the essential ingredients of Fumagalli’s Borsotto, a first-class cured meat. The flavour is soft and subtle and it comes vacuum-packed.

Superior precooked zampone

Zampone is a classic cooked meat from Lombardy which undergoes meticulous preparation to give it its authentic taste. It is stuffed into the skin of a pig’s trotter, a classic: Fumagalli superior precooked zampone.

Superior precooked cotechino

This great classic is just the thing to bring some warmth to cold winter evenings and is great served with lentils or mashed potato. Fumagalli’s precooked Cotechino is exquisite and warms you just by looking at it.

Cooked liver mortadella

Cooked liver mortadella, or fidighèlla, is a specialty of Lombardy and is particularly popular in the provinces of Como, Mantua and Pavia. Fumagalli’s version, with its sweet and aromatic taste, contains pork liver and a mixture of pork meat.

Roast pork

The genuine flavour of pork roast, an artisan product with a tender compact texture that is wrapped in rind and oven roasted to perfection. One bite of Fumagalli Porchetta and you will be hooked!

Cooked pork shoulder

The slow cooking process and natural seasoning give this cooked pork shoulder a delicate taste, a unique fragrance and a truly soft texture; try Fumagalli’s spicy Coppa Cotta for added flavour.