Pork Shoulder

Authentic quality, just cut it and see

Fumagalli Pork Shoulder is obtained from a meticulous supply chain whose traditional production process gives this fine, flavoursome product. Its soft texture, subtle flavour and well-proportioned aroma make Fumagalli Coppa a real treat for the palate and can be enjoyed in its many different varieties.

Sliced pork shoulder

Sliced and packed in a protective atmosphere like all our cured meats, Fumagalli pork shoulder preserves its fresh flavour and is always ready to serve.

Parma IGP pork shoulder

The quality of this pork shoulder is certified by the Consortium, a 100% Italian product whose unique organoleptic qualities are guaranteed by production regulations: uniform colour, well-balanced flavour and pleasing fragrance and taste.

Cured pork shoulder

This pork shoulder is cured for at least two months to obtain its typical fragrance and flavour.

Organic pork shoulder

A superior pork shoulder made from pigs reared according to Fumagalli’s animal welfare standards and the strictest EU regulations.

Pepper pork shoulder

Half grain pepper is added to this pork shoulder for a pleasantly sweet and spicy flavour.

Cooked pork shoulder

The slow cooking process and natural seasoning give this cooked pork shoulder a delicate taste, a unique fragrance and a truly soft texture; try Fumagalli’s spicy cooked Coppa for added flavour.