Cooked Ham

A complete range of genuine, wholesome flavours.

Our cooked hams aren’t like all the rest.
Their fresh, mouth-watering flavour comes from the great care Fumagalli puts into their production, from selecting the meat to packing. Free from GMOs, gluten, lactose and milk proteins, each Fumagalli Prosciutto Cotto comes with its own guarantee of unbeatable quality and taste.

Sliced cooked ham

Top-quality ham produced by the Fumagalli supply chain and packed in practical trays. Enjoy it everywhere: at home, outdoors or… on the go!

100% Italian
cooked ham

This ham comes from our supply chain and is made from locally born and reared pigs.

cooked ham

A selection of hams that can be enjoyed in any occasion.

Organic cooked ham

The one and only organic cooked ham made from meat from pigs reared exclusively on organic feed.

Seasoned cooked ham

The signature quality of Fumagalli ham enhanced by irresistible aromas.