Bresaola is a genuine, premium cured meat that is low in fat

Fresh, wholesome and nutritious, Fumagalli Bresaola is made from the best cuts of meat which are trimmed, seasoned, massaged with a little salt and spices and cured in special climatic conditions. A unique, unmistakable product that is soft and irresistible, low in fat and rich in proteins, iron, mineral salts and vitamins.

Sliced bresaola

This tasty sliced Fumagalli bresaola is ideal for anyone wanting a delicious low-calorie cured meat. Also recommended for anyone suffering from high cholesterol. Perfect in the summer, it adds an original touch to cold dishes and is great when paired with a good white or rosé wine.

Bresaola punta d’anca

Bresaola is a premium, select cured meat and Fumagalli’s Bresaola Punta d’Anca is made from prime cuts of beef. It is left to cure for as long as necessary to ensure the best result.

Organic bresaola punta d’anca

Only the best ingredients are used to produce this truly wholesome cured meat. Bresaola Punta d’Anca Bio is an exceptional organic cured meat that is suitable for any diet.

Bresaola specialties

Like Bresaola from Trentino, it is lovely when eaten as carpaccio in soft thin slices which have a fresh, healthy flavour; or you can enjoy it as Fumagalli Fiocchetto from Valtellina, where its taste is more concentrated.