Our watchword: biosecurity

The standards on Fumagalli’s pig farms guarantee safety and sustainability. Pig breeding in Italy is the first link in a highly specialised supply chain: rearing heavy pigs to transform into DOP and IGP cured meat products accounts for 70% of the country’s entire pork meat production. The mandatory regulations which companies must comply with in [...]

Cutting consumption to save and reduce emissions

Cutting consumption to save and reduce emissions. Industrial production is often accused of being a large-scale consumer of energy, a major producer of CO2 emissions and an enemy of the environment. Industry naturally requires mechanical energy to run equipment, thermal energy to power production processes or to heat work environments, and cooling energy for processes [...]

Controlling the production chain is the basis for reducing food waste

Two-thirds of global food waste occurs during production and distribution. In industrialised countries, the huge amount of food that is purchased and then either thrown away or left to go bad in the fridge is a problem with extremely serious environmental, moral and economic consequences. Despite the widespread belief that the duty of encouraging individuals [...]

Measuring the impact of a sustainable production process

Only by monitoring each and every stage in the creation of a product can we get the whole picture. Measuring the level of sustainability in food production inevitably involves analysing each of its stages and processes. As far as cured meats are concerned, this analysis begins with breeding, examining how it takes place and the [...]