Fumagalli Bio.
Fumagalli’s range of organic products.

A great quality in the dish. The Fumagalli organic product line is the tasty result of a completely bio-owned supply chain, with production standards that exceed the European standards. Meats that with their goodness evoke requirements of excellence in continuous cycle in the field of animal welfare.

Organic Bacon

Organic Dry-cured Ham

Organic Parma
Dry-cured Ham

Organic Cooked Ham

Organic Mortadella

Diced Bacon

Organic Appetizer

Organic Milano Salami

Organic Bresaola

Organic Speck

Organic Spianata

• Sliced Salami

Organic Mini Salami

Salami with Fennel

Pork Shoulder

Pork Shoulder and Loin

Salami and Taralli