The pleasure of genuine flavours

Delicately smoked and with a slightly spicy aftertaste, the irresistible flavour of Fumagalli speck is the result of the care and attention it receives during the traditional production process. Vacuum-packed whole, it is ready to slice and preserves its delicate fragrance and characteristic sweet taste, so you can enjoy its unique and delicious flavour.

Sliced speck

Speck, the king of cured meats from Alto Adige, has a sophisticated flavour and here is sliced and ready to create sublime recipes: sliced Fumagalli speck makes any starter, first or second course that extra bit special, particularly in the winter.

Whole speck

All the quality of Fumagalli speck in a whole piece, so you can enjoy its distinctive taste. Lovingly made from fresh, cured, boned legs, Fumagalli speck is a real treat for the palate. With topside or a slab, cuts obtained from rounding off the hindquarters, it is salted, seasoned, massaged and left to cure.

Organic speck

This speck is slightly smoked and then cured to give it its unbeatable quality, a process which is monitored closely month after month. And its meat? The meat used for this speck is superior because the pigs are reared on a 100% organic diet, with the feed coming mainly from farms near the breeding centres which are directly controlled by Fumagalli.