The taste of tradition

This range offers the very best in regional Italian salami, packed with tradition and quality.
Sliced or unsliced, delicately seasoned with a strong or sweeter taste, the meat is carefully and meticulously selected and processed to produce salami that are a real treat for the palate.

Sliced salami and snacks

Cut with the expertise of a butcher and carefully arranged by hand on each tray, Fumagalli’s sliced salami are 100% genuine.

Whole salami

Top-quality ingredients merge with a virtuous supply chain to give this simply delicious cured meat.

Hand-cut salami

These salami will give a touch of Italian authenticity to any aperitif. Easy to cut, compact and with a uniform grain, they are mouth-watering and a real surprise for the palate.

Pre-packed salami

A selection of different textures, flavours and fragrances in a practical tray that can be enjoyed wherever you are, whenever you want.

Organic salami

This tasty organic salami comes from a 100% Italian supply chain that is completely controlled by Fumagalli. With just the right amount of fat and a distinctive taste, it satisfies even the most discerning lovers of classic salami.