Fumagalli and Invitalia are investing on innovation for Parma ham

Invitalia, Agency of the italian Ministry of Economy, has signed with our group a development contract that will radically transform the production sites of Tavernerio and Langhirano. 12 million euro of total investment in 3 years, of which 4.2 million granted by the Mise Development Agency, which works to support Italian companies that aim to be innovative and competitive in the markets. The agreed investment plan will also have a positive impact on employment with new jobs at the two production sites.
Specifically, in Langhirano, refrigeration plants will be replaced by static ventilation systems with considerable advantages in terms of increased production, cost control and energetic savings. “A beautiful virtuous example of synergy between public and private” emphasizes Cesare Fumagalli, president of Fumagalli Industria Alimentari, “that rewards our commitment and our sensitivity to sustainability, the control of supply chain and the enhancement of Made in Italy”.