——Animal Welfare

At the breeding centres which we own or directly control, we guarantee the welfare of the animals, adopting practices which can benefit our pigs. We are therefore against teeth clipping, docking of tails and castration without anaesthesia. The spaces we provide for breeding and gestation are larger than those required by EEC regulations, so the animals are free to move about; we ensure our pigs have a well-balanced diet that is tailored to every stage of their growth; the animals are kept on straw bedding and not on slatted floors, to guarantee their wellbeing at all times.

From the controlled supply chain to animal wellbeing


Teeth clipping abolished for all our pigs


Straw bedding used for the first time in the growth and fattening areas


Updating of breeding farm management:  improving working processes and introducing new methodologies to safeguard the health of sows


• Modernisation at the Nerviano site to enhance animal welfare and  increase quality

• Partnership set up with a  zootechnical institute to monitor and restrict administration of antibiotics

• First tests carried out with  open farrowing crates


Adoption of the standards of the international organisation Compassion in World Farming (CIWF):

– no docking of tails

– castration using anaesthesia

– start of vaccination trials to eliminate surgical castration

Application of a closed cycle disease-free protocol at the new Cornarina (MI) breeding farm


• First insemination trials in spaces offering freedom of movement for sows

• Commitment to open farrowing crates for all Fumagalli owned sows

• Reduction in animal density per cubicle (+20-30% extra space)

• Further 20% reduction in the use of antibiotics

Awarding of GOOD PIG Commendation for sows by Compassion in World Farming


New targets met regarding animal welfare:

– 70% of sows live on straw bedding

– 43% of inseminations occur in pens with freedom of movement

– 17% of farrowing crates are open

– 40% of pigs between 7 and 30 kg grow on straw bedding

– 9% of pigs spend their entire life on straw bedding

Awarding of full Good Pig Award for the welfare of sows and meat pigs by Compassion in World Farming